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Resources for IGST Majors

Help with More Restricted Departments

To assist you in choosing courses for your Integrative Studies fields, the following handouts have suggestions for advanced courses in departments that can be more restrictive. Unless noted, these may not be your only options. Please check course offerings every semester for additional courses. Please note that you are always responsible to meet a course prerequiste. See your Academic Counselor for help with questions and understanding your field requirements.

Bachelor of Science

Students pursuing the Bachelor of Science instead of doing foreign language they have 6 hours in consultation with an Academic Counselor. The Other Course Requirements (OCR) list includes courses in Technical, Professional and Scientific Communication and/or Global Leadership and Intercultural Perspectives. Note: Courses used to satisfy Other Course Requirements (OCR) cannot also be used in the three fields for the Integrative Studies major.

Enhancing your Marketability

It is important to be able to communicate what transferable skills you have aquired in college through your classes, campus resources, and internships. You can also add an Undergradaute Academic Certificate to your degree plan.

Themes for Integrative Studies

The following are some suggested themes for fields in Integrative Studies majors.

* Game Design Theme - Bachelor of Science

* Pre-Law (Legal Studies) Theme - Bachelor of Science

* Pre-Medical School and Pre-Dental School Theme- Bachelor of Arts

* Pre-Medical School and Pre-Dental School Theme- Bachelor of Science

* Strategic Corporate Communication Theme - Bachelor of Science

Four Year Plans

The following are Four Year Plans in order to stay on track to graduate.

Bachelor of Arts with a major in Integrative Studies

Bachelor of Science with a major in Integrative Studies

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