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Highlights as an Integrative Studies Major

Integrative Studies is a flexible major that allows you to add even more value to your degree. Here are a few options to consider:


Test Drive Your Career: Do an Internship! You can earn credit toward your degree while gaining real work experience by doing an internship. See handout for more information.

Study Abroad:

The Integrative Studies major has so much flexibility that you are encouraged to study abroad. If you pursue the Bachelor of Science with a major in Integrative Studies you have an option to substitute your study abroad courses for the foriegn language requirement. Studying Abroad requires you to plan ahead so get started as soon as possible. See the Study Abroad Office to find the right program for you!

Academic Certificates:

You could easily get an Academic Certificate at the same time as you are completing your field/major. An Academic Certificate can be one of your chosen fields of study. Be sure to look at the Academic Certifcate options that UNT offers and see how you can incorporate one into your degree.


Minors are another great way to add value to your degree. You can choose to add a minor that can compliment your three fields. See if UNT offers a minor that works with your interests and goals.

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